More Evidence The San Joaquin DA Knew About Sheriff Moore’s Illegal Interference Since 2011

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December 16, 2017

By Frank Gayaldo

Dear San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors:

Please see the below letter obtained by 209 Times. Why did Deputy DA Sherri Adams (now a top administrator in Salazar’s administration) chastise Sheriff Moore for his gross mismanagement of the coroner’s office back in 2013, while discussing a suspicious homicide that occurred in Manteca all the way back in 2011?  

This letter serves as irrefutable proof that the District Attorney’s Office knew FOR YEARS that Sheriff Moore’s bizarre, nonsensical policy of not allowing the forensic pathologist to visit suspicious crime scenes, especially when specifically requested by professional homicide detectives, negatively impacted the pathologist’s ability to determine an accurate time of death in certain crucial cases.  This behavior goes against the very tenants of basic forensic science.

Why did it take international media attention for the DA to finally capitulate and acknowledge that a separation of the coroner and medical examiner is necessary?  

Why isn’t Tori acknowledging that she personally was the deputy DA handling the “31 taser strikes vs 2” alleged officer involved homicide cover-up , and therefore should not under any circumstances be involved in that obstruction of justice investigation? 

Why is the public paying Sheriff Moore nearly a half a million dollars a year to deceive the public? Why is the county paying for Moore’s crisis communication consultants and legal defense?

Why is the Board not demanding that an outside countywide corruption probe be initiated by the State AG and/or FBI to investigate the DA and Sheriff’s involvement in GunGate, EvidenceGate, EscapeGate, and now CoronerGate? 

How much more overwhelming evidence is required for the Board to take immediate action to protect the public from both Sheriff Moore and District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar’s various alleged and already proven criminal negligence? 

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