Stockton City Council Votes 7-0 to Buy a New RV for $100,000 for “Public Relations”

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By John Moreno

April 26, 2017

Last night the Stockton city council voted 7-0 to approve the purchase of a “Mobile Command” RV for the purpose of “improved image and public relations “. 

This seems hard to take for many residents in a city that just recently emerged from bankruptcy. Many are also suspecting Mayor Tubbs and company will use it to promote themselves in their never ending campaigning under the guise of public relations. The price tags is $86,000 for the RV plus thousands more for interior customizations. In total the budget was $100,000. This is in addition to the $300,000 he’s spending a year for two personal assistants including a public information spokesperson and $10,000 on new furniture for his office even though the city has furnishings in storage. As a council member Michael Tubbs voted NO five times against re-opening Fair Oaks Library part time at $150,000 a year saying it would force the city back into bankruptcy. At this rate of spending the city may be well on its way. 

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