Stockton Councilmember Caught Committing Fraud, Costing Chavez Football Team Forfeiture of Entire Undefeated Season.

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By Motecuzoma Sanchez

November 8, 2017

Stockton, CA- Parents associated with the Junior football league have provided information showing that Stockton city councilmember Jesus Munguia Andrade cost the Junior Chavez Titans their entire season.

Parents took notice during a game of Chavez versus Weston Ranch because Andrade lives in Weston Ranch where he campaigned and was elected just 12 months ago. He was also very adamant about helping the south side of Stockton as someone who grew up in Sierra Vista and also as a member of Michael Tubbs’ storefront campaign scheme, “Reinvent South Stockton”. Ironically the Junior Chavez Titans are in north Stockton.

If Andrade moved out of the district he was elected to represent he is no longer eligible to serve. If he used a fake address to make his son eligible to play for a team in an area that he did not live in then he committed fraud as an elected official.

Here is the complaint filed to the Commissioner of the Delta Youth Football League obtained exclusively by 209 Times:

DYFL Commissioner:

Re: Out of Area player

On behalf of the Weston Ranch Junior Cougars Football & Cheer program, I am officially submitting a formal request for an inquiry into the validity of a football participant on the Junior Titans Novice team.

I am a Novice coach and Sit on the Board of Directors of the Junior Cougar organization. To the Best of my knowledge, the quarterback for the Titans Novice Team (Joaquin Andrarde) is the son of District 6 Stockton City Councilman Jesús Andrarde. I also recognize Joaquin as a stand out youth baseball athlete that recently played last season with the Weston Ranch youth Baseball team.

It is my understanding of the DYFL rules that in order to participate on a DYFL football or Cheer team, one must reside in the boundaries set forth and voted on by the DYFL Members. Understanding that there are few exceptions to the rule (open area, split home, or a waiver) it is my belief that none of these exceptions are applicable in the case of Joaquin Andradè.

His Father being a councilman in district 6 suggests that he lives in either the south Stockton Vikings or the Weston Ranch Junior cougar boundaries. I believe him to live in Weston Ranch unless the family moved to North Stockton in the Chavez boundary area, thus meaning that Mr. Andradè is no longer a councilman representing south Stockton. However I don’t believe that to be the case.

We work very hard as an organization to provide a healthy community environment for our children in Weston Ranch, and want to continue to build on that camaraderie. It’s disappointing to see kids that should play with our growing program, skip out on working alongside neighbors.

I hope that the DYFL does it’s due diligence and get to the bottom of this concern. We want what’s best for all children, however if we begin to ignore rules, then we become no different than many of the other leagues that struggle with continuity.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane Lilly,

Board of Directors

Weston Ranch Jr Cougars

Upon investigation, conducted by Bruce Crosby, it was discovered that indeed Jesus Andrade had fraudulently signed his son up for the Junior Chavez Titans. Their president Eric Phillips was also placed on probation. Per league rules the team of some 60 children was forced to forfeit their entire season. They were undefeated. Until Andrade eclipsed that.

Several parents who wish not to go on record have expressed anger and frustration at Andrade’s unethical, dishonest, and selfish behavior. Some even are reporting that Andrade visited the team and apologized, promising to bring his partner Mayor Michael Tubbs to visit as if that’s any consolation.

Jesús and his political consultant Scott Winn have refused to comment on the matter at this time.

It’s not just that he’s been caught for the second time this year. It’s also the fact that he, along with Michael Tubbs, has used the plight of the South Stockton for political and public support while his actions prove contrary to his own words.

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  1. People elected him instead of my wife Zoyla Moreno a community leader and activist for the past 37 years.

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  3. The Nerv of some peolpe. How can this corruption go on for so long?? Its like Stockton just keeps getting worse and worse..CLEAN HOUSE.

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