80 Year Old Store Owner Shoots Robber

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80 Year Old Store Owner Shoots Robber

NORCO- With the pro lawlessness of California elected officials throughout the state, will more business owners be forced to take action themselves?

Craig Cope has owned his Norco convenience store since 1967 according to his employee Marnie Tapia. The 80 year old man wasn’t playing when a robber armed when an AR-15 creeped into his store. What the robber didn’t know was that Craig saw him on his security cameras that he recently upgraded due to robbery increases in the area. 2 seconds Craig can be seen blaring the robber with a shotgun.

“He shot my arm off!”, the robber should be heard screaming as the rest of his goons were making their escape in a stolen BMW. All four suspects would be arrested later at the hospital. 💥 👀 🎥 Marnie Tapia

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