Armed Gang Of Military Wannabes Invades Oakdale As A Threat To Protestors In Full View Of Police

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OAKDALE- A group of rejects calling themselves the “California State Militia-2nd Regiment” and dressed in mismatched uniforms (some too small for the ones failing the “military appearance” weight requirements of the real military) invaded the two blocks of 8 stores known as “downtown” yesterday armed with rifles and pistols, that may or may not have been loaded. We don’t know if they were loaded (rifles without magazines can still have rounds in the chamber) because Oakdale Police officers didn’t even bother to check…or arrest them for misdemeanors as California is not an Open Carry State (thanks to the Black Panthers).

It is illegal to openly carry a rifle or pistol in California. “California law now generally prohibits any person from carrying an exposed and unloaded handgun upon his or her person outside of a vehicle in a public place.4 This prohibition is subject to a number of exceptions, including for peace officers, military personnel, licensed hunters, and the carrying of an unloaded handgun in a locked container.5 The violation of this law is a misdemeanor in most cases.6

California law also prohibits the carrying in public, outside of a vehicle and on or about one’s person, of an unloaded long gun in any incorporated city or county, or within any prohibited areas in unincorporated regions of a county.7 This is subject to several exceptions similar to those that apply to the open carrying of handguns in public, including exceptions for peace officers, licensed hunters, and military personnel.8 The violation of this law is a misdemeanor in most cases.9

Despite this fact, police allowed them to operate in public posting on street corners and rooftops. They were even so bold as to post photos of themselves on their Facebook page although they did not disclose the town where even the police badge is emblazoned with the slogan “Cowboy Capitol”.

We have reached out to the police department and mayor, but have yet to receive a response. We have also reached out to the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Nick Gonzales

This blatant show of force as an obvious means to intimidate Police Accountability/ Black Lives Matter protestors from legally exercising their 1st Amendment rights comes just days after a peaceful protest was declared an “unlawful assembly” after an Oakdale resident named Nick Gonzales attacked a man driving by in a convertible.

Once again in full view of police who then inexplicably fired off flask bang grenades in the air they referred to as a “sound distraction device”.

Interestingly enough, police did not declare it an “unlawful assembly” when the counter protestors, who were posting violent racist threats on the All Things Oakdale (California) Facebook group days leading up to the protest, were drinking in public in full view of them. I’m fact we are not aware of a single citation or arrest being made for any of the guns, alcohol, or terrorist threats P.C. 422.

UPDATE: The Oakdale Police Department has offered an excuse that is clearly dispelled by the photos in this article.

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  1. Soooo…as long as you side with the counter protesting racists, you’re given free reign to do as you please? Okay, good to know!

    1. You, Ma’am, are the one expressing racism and engaging in slanderer. These people were on private property. Unfortunately due to the widespread violence, mayhem, and murder that BLM and Antifa have brought to communities across the nation and the promise made by Antifa to bring this violence and destruction to rural America, it is prudent to prepare for such an eventuality. No one threatened free speech protests. We all support free speech protests whatever the views might be; what we won’t stand for is the violence and murder.

    2. So because they don’t agree with all the liberal bullshit that makes them racists? People can have different opinions than you, grow the fuck up!

    3. So because they don’t agree with your liberal views and believe that there is no agenda behind all of this media driven bull that means they are all racists? Grow up and stop acting like a child!

    4. So you feel it’s ok to label these men as racists even though you probably have no idea who any of them are? Identity politics is for the feeble minded.

      These men are there to provide security. They train for handling civil unrest…and might just be the only thing between you and a potential enemy. Instead of judging them…why not walk up and get to know them?

      Unless you’ve already cast your assumptive aspersions at them…

  2. Guess what? The SHERIFF of that county called them in, to protect against ANTIFA, NOT BLM. As a result, ANTIFA turned tail and order was maintained. FYI, Sheriffs are the highest law enforcement of a county., which means they have higher authority than city police. The CSM are trusted by law enforcement across this state, because they assist in many search and rescue operations.

  3. Somebody needs to read the US Constitution.
    And if you don’t like the business security, don’t ever shop in Oakdale.

  4. You’re trash, your website is trash, you can’t even take the time to spell check your misinformed BS. Get a real job, peasant, and quit fanning the flames of hatred. It’s ignorant ass websites like this one that keep other dummies like yourself yelling and bitching at the wrong people. Sucker ass keyboard warrior.

  5. Respectfully I found your article on the Militia very Biased. These individuals are Veterans of several different services. there is an extensive back ground check they need to go through, and they have to be certified in FEMA disaster protocols. units can be self activated in time of crises or in this case the protection of property in Oakdale Ca. The Militia’s history dates back to the time of Washington and the fight for independence. These individuals are the last defense in a time where local enforcement and Ca Nat Guard are stretched thin. They have Field training exercises, as well as live fire training to ensure that if and or when deployed there is a working knowledge of how to deploy and be effective when done so. Finally these individuals swear an oath to both the constitution of the United States and California

  6. So because they don’t agree with your liberal views and believe that there is no agenda behind all of this media driven bull that means they are all racists? Grow up and stop acting like a child!

  7. Looks like the “wannabe threat” worked pretty good because no antifa and blm showed up… to party!

    1. Wake the fuck up. I used to be a Democrat but people like you ruined it for us, now all we have is trump because of assholes like you. What those guys did is FREEDOM. We need more of this. You want your police to go away.. what do you think will replace them????

  8. Looks like the “wannabe threat” worked pretty good because no antifa and blm showed up… to party!

  9. Looks like the “wannabe threat” worked pretty good because no antifa and blm showed up… to party! why doesnt the ahole that wrote this article put their name on it????

  10. Law enforcement is leaving these militia members alone because they are helping to keep the peace. Unlike the terrorists from Antifa and other such “protesters.”

  11. These militia are actually the California State Militia or Defense Force. Look it up, they only are subjective to the orders of the Governor of California, they’re a State Regulated and Organized Militia authorized under the 2nd Amendment. Unlike the National Guard which is also under the Authority of the President, the State Militia only ANSWERS to the Governor.

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