Atwater Defies Governor Newsom, Declares City “Sanctuary” For Businesses To Re-Open

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ATWATER- The mayor and city council voted on Thursday to declare the city a “sanctuary city”. The designation is designed to lift requirements set by Governor Newsom’s statewide Shelter In Place order as a means to combat the spread of COVID-19 during the world wide pandemic.

Mayor Paul Creighton

The move comes as more elected officials and sheriffs throughout the state openly defy the Governor and refuse to enforce any penalties against citizens and businesses re-opening. Many residents spoke in support of and against the move. Councilmember John Cale thanked the public for giving input and cited the US Constitution as the “GPS” of which to follow.

Councilmember John Cale

Over 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment since the shuts downs have occurred in California and elsewhere in the nation. As of the vote, more than than 80,000 Americans have died due to the coronavirus strain.

Despite the lack of enforcement by local city authorities, businesses that require state licenses are still subject to state jurisdiction and penalties.

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