Mass Shooting In Manteca: 7 Shot, 2 Critical

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MANTECA- Shorty after midnight shots rang out at a house party on the 4000 block of W Woodward Ave near Airport Way. The CHP has joined in on the response. The motive or events leading up to the shooting that was said to be a drive by, are not yet known, but what has been gathered so far is that either one or two males began shooting into a crowd at a party at the home with handguns. There are conflicting reports about the suspects with one account stating the shooter was black with a thin build and wearing a black hoodie, and another is that they were two Mexican males with one reportedly also being shot and self transporting to the County Hospital where the car used in the shooting has also been reportedly located. That has not been confirmed. In all seven people were shot including to minors. Two are currently in critical condition at the hospital.

According to the San Joaquin Sheriff Office, deputies were conducting a traffic stop blocks away and heard the shots and saw the crowd running away from the party.

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  1. Please fact-check your story. When you add things like “unconfirmed” people don’t retain that. You might just want to confirm what agency heard the shots. You might want to confirm a few other things in your article before posting. To lead with “mass shooting” sounds like what happened in Las Vegas.

    1. I absolutely agree with you! This is actually the first time I’ve heard of this shooting, & I live in Manteca not too far from the described location. Anyway, I agree they should definitely have clear facts when reporting things of this nature.

  2. 7 people shot are considered a mass shooting, and even if it weren’t, it’s still 7 people shot, that’s a big deal, I hope these people are apprehended and they should look into who threw the party at a time when it’s not legal to throw a party

  3. It was NOT a drive by, but the shooting happened when one or two men entered the house that was a going away party, and started shooting.

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