CHP Confiscates “The Most Expensive Cereal Boxes in the World”

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Photo: CHP Merced

MERCED- On March 28, at approximately 3:00 pm a CHP Officer traveling northbound on the 99 at Le Grand Rd pulled over a 2012 Toyota Camry and discovered a man taking “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” to a whole other level. According to a statement from Merced CHP, “Upon contacting the solo occupant of the vehicle, the officer observed several indicators of criminal activity. Probable cause to search the vehicle was developed during the course of the enforcement contact. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed three cereal boxes, each containing one kilogram of cocaine. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and booked into Merced County Sheriff’s Office Jail”.

According to officers, the average price of a kilogram of cocaine is $28,000. When divided and sold by the gram, they eastimage each cereal box to be worth $40,000 on the streets.

“These might be the most expensive cereal boxes in the world.” – CHP Merced

Photo: CHP Merced

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