20 Yr Old Arrested For Murdering Adult Bookstore Employee While Testing Dealership Car

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MODESTO- Yesterday July 9th, 2019 at 2:15pm Police arrived at 1030 Kansas Ave to discover Cinnamon Eades, the store clerk at Liberty Adult Bookstore amen mother of three, had been shot multiple times. After being transported to the hospital she died from her injuries.

Modesto PD’s Violent Crime Unit took over the investigation and identified 20 year old Favian Ramirez as the suspect. In a statement MPD described what transpired next:

“The investigation revealed Ramirez made a purchase at the book store and then shot the clerk, Cinnamon Eades, before grabbing an undisclosed amount of cash from the register and leaving the business.  Ramirez was driving a vehicle that belonged to a local used car dealership that he was test driving.  With the cooperation of the used car dealership, Ramirez was identified.

MPD’s Detectives, SWAT, and other specialized units located Ramirez leaving a residence in Ceres, California.  Ramirez saw our units and fled from the vehicle.  Our team set up a perimeter and located Ramirez in the area of Pleasant and Central Avenues in Ceres”.

Favian Ramirez was then arrested. He is being charged with murder and robbery. 

“Our thoughts are with Cinnamon Eade’s family over this senseless murder”-Modesto PD.

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  1. How terribly sad this demon pos took the life of a young Mother, for the money in the register at a tiny adult book store. How much 100 dollars maybe. Disgusting punk should be shot in his face asap. Wheres he from? Yeah I know

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