Modesto Man Convicted for Stabbing, Running Over Wife in Modesto Alley

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Photo: Stanislaus County District Attorney

MODESTO- The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office has announced the conviction of Derrell Musantha Smith. In a statement released to the public he was convicted on March 27th, after a 7 day trial:

“… a Stanislaus County jury convicted Smith of attempted voluntary manslaughter, attempted kidhnapping and domestic violence causing great bodily injury. The jury also found true that Smith had four prior robbery and one assault with a firearm convictions from 1992 which makes him eligible for a life sentence in state prison under California’s “Three Strikes” law”.

According to the DA the attempted murder happened amidst a child custody battle following a custody hearing that he didn’t. It show up for:

“… Smith may have not shown up for his February 22, 2019 custody hearing , but he didn’t miss his ex-wife afterwards when he ran her down with his car in a downtown Modesto alley. After knocking her to the ground with his SUV, he got out and stabbed her multiple times before trying to force her into the back seat. When she escaped he tried to run her down again”.

Smith remains in custody in the Stanislaus County jail awating sentencing May 3rd.

The DA adds, “He won’t miss his next hearing”.

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  1. Derell I just want you to know that you get everything you deserve you took the best years of my life, and I devoted my all to you as your wife, the mother of your daughter , you will never see her grow up to a very strong woman and have a family of her own, I just hope you realize that you had the most amazing beautiful wife that had your back regardless if you was right or wrong but all that is over now all you have is male inmates you reap what you sow, an may God bless you. You will have slot of time to figure out what you have lost an amazing wife and mother and you tried to take my life an take me away from my daughter and family you what you got coming but at the end of the day I will pray for you cause your a sick man and I pray for you.

    1. @Shannon Smith I admire the strength and the courage it takes to even confess such thoughts after what he has done to u . I’ll keep u n my prayers and may peace be upon u . Stay strong and god bless

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