School Janitor Arrested For Sex With Child

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MODESTO- Anthony Martin Minatre, 51 years old, was employed as a janitor at Stella Brockman Elementary School when he was charged with rape by force, lewd and lascivious acts with a juvenile and oral copulation of a person under 14 years old. 209 Times has yet to determine when his arraignment court date is.

Minatre is currently being held at the Stanislaus County Jail on $300,000 bail. According to Modesto Police Department’s Acting Public Safety Information Coordinator, Sharon Bear, this was reported to Modesto Police on 1/22 around 540 pm. Victim information and location are being kept confidential.

The following is a statement sent from Stella Brockman Elementary School’s principal on 1/23/2020:

Stella Brockman Families; I regret to inform you that a custodian from our school was arrested on January 22, 2020. Although the arrest did not occur on school property nor was it related to their employment in our District, it is our District’s intent to fully cooperate with the Modesto Police Department. The employee will not be on campus during the investigation. Additionally, we will aggressively pursue appropriate administrative action up to the removal of the employee, if justified. The safety and well‐being of our students is always our highest priority. All safety policies and procedures will continue to be followed.

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  1. As a parent of a first grader at STELLA Brockman in Manteca CA. I would like to know how on earth this school thought that hiring a pedophile was appropriate?. Yes, please parents of this school search the article for the January 22nd 2020 child RAPE that this school didn’t think was necessary to contact us parents. How dare you be so selfish and worried about your reputation that you do not notify us when our children are in danger. Just like when that handicap child died due to neglect and we didn’t hear about that either because nothing is “your fault” I can’t wait to get a hold of this principal first thing Monday morning and I pray that other parents see this and research this TRUE story. It was on the 209 news Facebook page but yet the rapist around our children has worked there for as long as my child has been attending this school. What an absolute disgrace. I highly suggest Lincoln or rather any other school. I know I’m looking into transferring mine since I do care about the children’s safety. Shame on you.

  2. I agree that it is unimaginable to think of someone who is allegedly capable of commiting such atrocities as this being around our children all day. I have two children who attend/ed Stella Brockman, and they were shocked to hear about this, because apparently he was very well liked among students. If I’m being honest, that only makes the entire thing even more unsettling to me. And,as much as I am not a fan of this school (with the exception of a few amazing teachers and yard duties, my children and I have just had too many experiences that were as unhelpful and upsetting as they were insulting.)-I know I received the email that was mentioned above. On the date it is said to have been sent out. Even tho I did see the article on newsbreak, hours or more, before I got the email- I did get it. And to be totally fair- unless this alleged offense is one that is being repeated- there’s no way they could have known something like this would happen, or the potential threat he may have been to our mini humans. My heart goes out to the family going thru this. Especially the victim… No person should ever have to go thru something that horrific, but even more so- NEVER should a child be “that person”. We have a moral obligation to protect the young- not exploit them. Sadly, these days protecting them means having to educate them on situations such as this and try better than our best to keep them safe, tho even at that level the “totally fucked up shit” still can find its way into their world. All my best thoughts and all my love go out to this young person and their family, it takes a strong and brave individual to speak out after something like this. They should be proud that they’ve potentially spared others from a situation like this. I’m just so sorry it happened to them at all.

  3. Yeah he was a janitor at my school i’ve known him since i was in kindergarten and he had a nickname for me and my friend i was tinkerbelle and she was little bo peep and i always knew something was off about him but he was always so nice i am now a 8th grade student at stella brockman

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