2 Deaths Confirmed From COVID-19 In San Joaquin County

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY- Public health officials confirm that two people have died from complications of the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus today. There are now 14 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections in the county now as more tests are being processed. No shelter in place order has been given as of today like six neighboring bay areas counties. So far Manteca as a city is the only in San Joaquin County to make such a recommendation. In Stockton, the largest city in the county, the city council had an emergency meeting passing resolutions already made by the state, but with over a million dollars ear marked for “special projects” to be set aside for coronavirus pandemic- although for what has yet to be determined.

Also today:

  • President Trump calls Coronavirus a war time situation.
  • 2 Navy hospital ships have been activated.
  • White House says infection curve will
    surpass Italy now that backlog of tests
    will be processed.
  • Wall Street suspends trading for 4th time in 2 weeks.
  • All economic gains made during Trump’s presidency have been wiped out.
  • One trillion dollars is being proposed as bailout to help Americans and businesses.

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