Fact Checking Immigration Raids in Stockton

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Photo: Fox 40, CNN

STOCKTON- Many people have reached out to us, sending pictures of posts declaring immigration checkpoints are taking place around Stockton. Not a single photograph has been sent to us of any actual checkpoints or raids or ICE, which is the enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security. While President Trump did announce ICE would be conducting enforcement beginning last weekend in 10 cities across America, Stockton was not named as one of them. Trump has also publicly declared that those raids will be postponed two weeks to give Congress more time to work on legislation. Aside from the political theatre, ICE does not do random checkpoints or raids in these operations. Such operations target individuals who have already been sent letters notifying them of court judgements against them. So until someone sends us pictures or videos of ICE checkpoints and raids in Stockton, not screenshots of people claiming there are, we have to dispel this one as rumors.

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