Target Shoplifter Helps Herself to 6 Pack of Stella Artois

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Photo: San Joaquin Sheriff Deputies

LATHROP- Shoplifting is a part of retail that stores encounter everyday. But, yesterday at about 3:30 pm, a young woman named Elysia Johnson took it to another level by also helping herself to some alcohol sampling that wasn’t free. According to San Joaquin Sheriff Deputies who provide policing for Lathrop, Johnson entered the Target store in Lathrop off of I-5 and placed several items into a shopping cart and an additional hand basket. They say she allegedly also grabbed a six pack of Stella Artois, taking it with her into the dressing room where she stayed for over an hour.

According to Deputies, Elysia drank the entire six pack before leaving the store along with over $200 worth of merchandise.

Target loss prevention stopped and detained her until deputies arrived and booked her into the San Joaquin County Jail for shoplifting along with three other warrants she already had. She didn’t get away with the merchandise, but Target is counting the Stella Artois as a total loss.

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