Tracy Councilmembers Ransom and Arriola Remain Silent on Allegations Against Ally

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TRACY- Both Councilmembers Rhodesia Ransom and Dan Arriola, who is also an assistant district attorney for Tori Verber, have remained silent on serious allegations against one of their political allies Nicholas Hatten the executive director of the San Joaquin Pride Center.

We attempted to get a statement from them, but they have yet to respond after several days. As a result of their non response we are making available the email sent to them, which we’re now making an open letter:

Hi, We want to take this opportunity to get your statement on the recent revelations that your political ally and director of the SJ Pride Center, Nicholas Hatten, has been mismanaging the org, disrespectful towards staff, not paying staff, paying staff with checks that bounce while the bank account is overdrawn, he uses the nonprofit for political purposes which is illegal, disrespects the community, and that he is transphobic and misogynistic towards transgender employees and volunteers. Will you stand with the LGBTQ staff against hate? 
You all were also recently part of a “rally against hate” in Tracy, which was used for Dan Ariola’s election campaign.

Hatten and Arriola speak at “Rally Against Hate”

You all wore campaign T-shirt’s, gave speeches “against hate”, falsely accused innocent people for creating a blog, and Dan even asked for campaign contributions “against hate” as a birthday present.

Dan using the attention to seek donations “against hate”.

Will you rally again now that there is an actual perpetrator and hate monger identified who is hurting the LGBTQ community? Or are you ready to admit your “rally against hate” and false accusations were what everyone suspected they were-a political action to gain sympathy and blame rivals right before an election? 

In fact it’s also been noted that the blog in question disappeared right after Dan got media attention that most likely translated to votes. Were you or any of your operatives like Nicholas Hatten responsible yourselves for making the blog? Did Dan Arriola pull a Jussie Smollet? Or actually did Jussie Smollet pull a Dan Arriola since his action occurred first? 

Rhodesia Ransom literally cried during her speech.

If you could provide your response we’d appreciate it. We want to make sure to include your perspective in our report and article. Non responses will count as such. 
In commmunity,

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