Video Shows Police Standby During Attacks at Mall as Security Guards Battle to Stop Brawl

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STOCKTON- Video shows Stockton Police refraining from intervening to stop attacks or make arrests at the mall as they watch on while security guards battle in the middle of the brawl.

Police watch on as the brawl continues.

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  1. FK, all the damn parents of these kids needs to be held accountable!! Sht will change really quick! Especially those living off welfare and section 8, if you don’t take the effort of raising your kids right, GTFO and loose your benefits!

    We all know, kids will be kids, but when you know they at these events causing problems or possibly get hurt, possibly get killed for some dumb reason and not doing anything about it, FK U TOO… Be a responsible parent!

    If my kids was there, trust me… I’m wooping some ass, they gonna learn!!

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