VIDEO: Teacher Accused of Abusing School Animal

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“We believe the video merits serious concern. We do not condone the behavior exhibited in this video.” -Manteca Unified School District 

STOCKTON- 209 Times received the below video along with an email that was sent to MUSD superintendent, Dr Clark Burke and others (see further below) from a parent of a Weston Ranch student, which is in Stockton, but part of Manteca Unified School District. Their concern is of a teacher, who is unnamed in the email, is improperly treating a lamb and unnecessarily abusing it.

“Tonight May 24, 2019, at 5:41 pm I witnessed animal abuse at the school farm.   As I waited outside for my daughter to finish walking her pig, I saw a young lady and a gentlemen walk a young lamb to the field.  She was setting the lamb up and he seemed to be taking pictures of the animal.  After a little bit, he took the lamb and hit it in the face; I was blown away.  He continued to be brutal with the lamb.  At that point, I decided to video him so I could tell our advisor so they could get in contact with the proper school advisor.  I am attaching two videos I took for you watch (please watch in its entirety).  They clearly show the abuse that this spring lamb was subject to.  Even from the distance that I was standing, in the video, you can still hear when he hits the lamb.  This, in no way, is how you treat an animal.  I asked one of the Manteca High FFA students if they knew what chapter these people were with.  The response I received was, “that is Weston Ranch’s Advisor.”  I was mortified.  This man is an advisor who works with our students and is displaying this abuse at the school farm.  Had this been an FFA member treating an animal this way, drastic measures along with the removal of their animal would have taken place.  This is in no way acceptable from a teacher who is supposed to be teaching children the proper way to care for livestock. I will not be letting this rest.  The school district and the authorities need to take action.  As a parent, I do not feel safe having him at the school farm around students or animals.  

Thank you in advance for taking the time to watch these videos and for taking the appropriate, immediate actions against this advisor.  Teaching our children properly and keeping them and their animals safe needs to be a top priority.  I anxiously await your response”.

Not knowing if it’s industry standard in dealing with livestock or constitutes abuse we reached out to MUSD officials as well.

Here is the official response from MUSD: 

“We believe the video merits serious concern. We do not condone the behavior exhibited in this video. Disciplinary and educational action was taken immediately as a result of the conduct. The school farm is an integral program to our agriculture curricula programs. We have seen firsthand how the interactions between ag teachers, students and animals have changed the lives of our students. We would never want anything to compromise that,” stated Manteca Unified School District Public Information Officer.

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  1. Fire this teachers ass immediately. This is not a good role member. If he’s doing this to an innocent lamb, what might he do to other animals or even students,

  2. This man is not only a teacher and a FFA advisor he is a board member of ag fest . I would hope he is fired for is action and if he remains I know my FFA student will not be participating in ag feast in the coming years. My child loves FFA and would be very upset .

  3. His treatment of that poor lamb is disgusting. He should not be working with children or animals and should be fired from whatever positions he holds. This mans actions should not be an example for children. Farm animal or dog you do not treat any animal that way.

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