15 Yr Old Robbed At Gunpoint For Dog In North Stockton

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STOCKTON- According to Gina Lopez, her 15 year old son was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday October 21st for his puppy. The robbery occurred in the quiet neighborhood of Meadow and Pershing Avenue in north Stockton.

According to a call for help she posted on Lost and Found Pets 209, a Facebook group, this is what happened:

“Urgent 🚨. Someone pulled a gun on my teen son and stole our dog. My son was walking our dog and this “man” was driving down meadow towards N Pershing ave. He jumped out the car and robbed him for his dog. He said “give me the dog Lil Nig*a” On Meadow ave near N Pershing ave. Police & Sheriff notified, my son is not harmed physically. The gun was put on his left side of his chest. Time was 5:26pm. Dog is not chipped but we have her paperwork.

EDITIf you know anyone with a camera on meadow please reach out to them and ask them if they can help me get a license plate.*


African American man

Slim build

White shirt

Wearing pants

Clean cut


Car: black Chrysler tinted windows”.

This is the video her son managed to take as the car was escaping.

Suspect car.

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