18 Year Killed at Park Playground Identified

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18 Year Killed at Park Playground Identified

STOCKTON- The young woman shot and killed at the playground at Ernie Shropshire Park has been identified as recent high school graduate Kaitlyn Valdovinos. Her and a friend were both shot at the park around 4am on Friday 3/22. The second victim is expected to survive. 

Valdovinos’ mother and father are asking for the community’s help in bringing the cowardly killer to justice.

Valdovino’s parents say their Kaitlyn was an honor roll student who recently graduated last year after moving to Stockton from Los Angeles with her father. He was teaching her how to drive and her DMV test was scheduled for this upcoming April 12. Her 19th birthday would have been in May.

Both parents say they are not aware of how Kaitlyn ended up at the park at 4am after going out with her friend, but her mother Rosemary Aceves says that Kaitlyn texted her cousin at 4am to “help” her at 4am right before the shooting.

The police have not yet released any suspect information or possible motive for the double shooting and homicide.

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