34 Suspects Arrested In Stockton Gang Sweep

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STOCKTON- Dozens of suspected gang members have been arrested with 38 guns confiscated as part of “Operation Criptonyte”. The Stockton Police Department has released the following statement:

SPD News: Operation Criptonyte Takedown

In June 2020, the Stockton Police Department Gang Violence Suppression Unit and the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ)/California Highway Patrol (CHP) Special Operations Unit (SOU) began a joint investigation in conjunction with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office into the criminal activities of the Asian Boyz, Muddy Boyz Crips, Lil Ruthless Criminals Comstocc Crips, Loctown Crips, and Asian Crip criminal street gangs in the City of Stockton.

Operation Criptonyte came about because of an increase in violent crime involving documented members of these allied groups in the City of Stockton between 2018-2020. These groups were working together to benefit their gangs / subsets and the Crips criminal street gang. During the investigation, investigators learned that some alliances have ended, and other gang rivalries started. Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said, “This investigation was part of the Stockton Police Department’s on-going group gun violence intervention strategy. The collaborative effort with our law enforcement partners was based on focused enforcement for those groups that continued violence in our community.”

As a result of the investigation, Investigators authored (55) search warrants, arrested (34) subjects related to various criminal violations. In all, Investigators recovered (38) firearms, seized approximately $40,000 in U.S. Currency, confiscated approximately 1 lb. of suspected cocaine, 5 lbs. of suspected methamphetamines, approximately 1,300 pills of suspected ecstasy and an abundance of marijuana. The investigation continues and additional arrests are anticipated.

Highlight arrests:

  1. Lawrence Carolino (19 yrs. old), Amanda Arcaina (20 yrs. old), Larissa Constancio-Galvez (21 yrs. old) and a female who was a juvenile at the time of the incident were arrested for their roles in an April 2020 gang shooting investigation, where one of the victims was struck as a result of the gunfire. Additionally, Mr. Carolino was arrested for another gang shooting investigation which occurred in February 2020 and Ms. Arcaina was arrested for Possession for sales of controlled substances.
  2. Rayniko Flores (21 yrs. old), Michelle Tahod (41 yrs. old) and Jerry Flores (70 yrs. old) were arrested for their roles in EDD Fraud and the Identity Theft of numerous victims. Rayniko was also arrested for his role in the illegal transfer of a firearm, sales of narcotics and gang enhancements.
  3. Anthony Comans (30 yrs. old) and Kwabena Twumasi (35 yrs. old) of Arizona were both arrested for their roles in the Conspiracy and illegal possession/trafficking of firearms. Comens and Twumasi were both arrested in Morgan Hill, Ca as they exited their vehicle. During a search of their vehicle, (21) firearms were located.
  4. Eric Ypon (35 yrs. old) and Mark Moeutt (18 yrs. old) were both arrested for their role in the illegal transfer of a firearm and gang enhancements. Additionally, Mr. Ypon was arrested for firearm possession violations.
  5. Soktara Hem (29 yrs. old) was arrested for the illegal possession of an assault weapon, marijuana sales violations and the illegal transfer of a firearm.
  6. Joseph Nguyen (30 yrs. old) and Andy Sybounheuang (29 yrs. old) were arrested for assault weapon violations and the sales of controlled substances. Mr. Nguyen was additionally arrested gang enhancements.
  7. Kevin Chhin (24 yrs. old) of Long Beach, Ca was arrested for the sales of narcotics, felon in possession of a firearm and gang enhancement violations.

“Families in Stockton can breathe a little easier tonight,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. “This investigation and resulting arrests and seizures are an example of what happens when California law enforcement agencies work together to combat violent crime in our communities. At the Department of Justice, we are proud to use the latest technology and advanced investigative techniques to assist with the investigation.””

The Stockton Police Department would like to thank the California Department of Justice (Special Operations Unit), California Highway Patrol, San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office, Manteca Police Department, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, Sacramento Police Department, Modesto Police Department, San Joaquin County AB109 Task Force, Morgan Hill Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Apprehension Task Force, and the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber-Salazar said, “This is a prime example of how a unified partnership among law enforcement agencies—state, local and federal—working in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office can ensure public safety. Together, we create a safer and stronger San Joaquin County through solving crimes that have already occurred, disrupting current criminal activity, and preventing future bad acts by those determined to commit them in and against our community.”

It is unknown if any of those arrested are part of Mayor Tubbs’ failed Cash for Criminals program, he calls Advance Peace, that pays suspected shooters in violent crimes a monthly stipend to attend “meetings” as “fellows”. Homicides have increased 40% this year in Stockton compared to last. The mayor could not be reached for comment.

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