A Stockton City Employee Shot On The Job

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STOCKTON- Yesterday April 26th, as a city worker for Municipal Utilities was driving to check on a water station near a homeless camp, he was shot at twice. One round penetrated the door of his vehicle and struck him in the leg.

Per Stockton PD:

“Watch Commander’s Night Report – April 27, 2021

Person Shot (1500) Anderson Street and Interstate 5, Seaport District
The male victim, 41, was in his vehicle in the area working when he heard gunshots. The victim’s vehicle was struck, and the victim was hit by a bullet. The victim was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries”.

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  1. Two employees from the utility department parked on a secluded street by Henry Long park in Weston Ranch for a long time. Were they taking a long break (9am) or an early lunch?
    They never got out of their trucks.
    I have several witnesses.

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