A Young Man Writes Letter to Mayor Tubbs Pleading for Action

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Michael Tubbs

Mayor of Stockton

425 N Eldorado St

Stockton,Ca 95203

Dear Mr. Tubbs:

     From living in the city of Stockton we face many problems. Anywhere from the homeless population to the terrible violence we have here. However, one problem I would like to mainly address is the violence. I have lived here all my life and it only gets worse and worse each year. When is it going to be time for a change?

I have a 3 year old nephew and I am not even able to take him to the park without having to worry about the violence in this city. This is not the environment I want my nephew or any child for that matter to grow up in. Not only is it unsafe but I don’t want him thinking that this is a normal lifestyle. He should grow up being able to go where he wants freely and at his own will. Not having the concern or questioning if it’s safe or not. Personally I have had the experience of being afraid to simply go in my front yard as a little kid to play with my younger brother.

I lived in the downtown area for about 11 years and the conditions just got worse and worse. There were shootingsevery night to the point where we (my family) wouldn’t even hit the floor anymore because it was such a regular thing.

Shootings so close that I wanna uould see the flash of the gun as it would go off. Murders would occur often in the area. So my parents made it a goal to get us out of that neighborhood and they did eventually. I just thought I would share my personal story just to know how badly this situation is and how out of hand it is.

We need to feel safe and comfortable in our own city. We need to know we can go places and not have to watch ourbacks, or take the children out and not have to say we can’t take them places because it’s simply unsafe.

I have seen no change or no effort to change and I would like to speak for myself and on the behalf of the people of Stockton and say it is time for a change.


Angel Castaneda

Angel is student at Weber Tech in Stockton. He works 2 jobs. In 8th grade he received the Hazleton Award, highest award in district. He wants to see his city do better.

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  1. Well said Angel!! More residents need to step up and speak up on the many problems STOCKTON faces. The Mayor needs to use the office for what it’s intended to do and not just to line his pockets with$.! Grand jury needs to get involved!!

  2. Stop crying. This is where you ARE. You didn’t put yourself here. But you can get yourself out!! Stockton has ALWAYS been like this. Accept the fact that it is NEVER going to change. Make something of yourself so that you can leave and never have to come back here.

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