After Deadly Mass Shootings, Venezuela and Uruguay Warn Its Citizens to Stay Away From Stockton

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STOCKTON- Following two recent mass shootings over the weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, two countries in South America, Venezuela and Uruguay, have issued travel advisories to their citizens warning them to stay away from certain cities due to “indiscriminate possession of firearms by the population” and the “impossibility of authorities to prevent these situations”. They also cite “growing indiscriminate violence, mostly for hate crimes, including racism and discrimination, which cost the lives of more than 250 people in the first seven months of this year”.

Of the several cities mentioned nationwide, two were in California- Oakland and Stockton, tanker as two of the 20 most dangerous cities in America.

Stockton’s violent crime has risen consecutively for the past 6 years despite the city government raising taxes to hire more officers, lying to the public about the number of officers that were promised in the process. City leadership has received severe criticism domestically for its inability stem the violence, which is up even more dramatically this year, but now that violence is being recognized internationally. Recently the city council fired the city manager Kurt Wilson and despite Mayor Michael Tubbs offering to pay criminal shooters up to $1,300 a month to participate in Advance Peace also referring to by critics as Cash for Criminals, homicide is up 53% this year alone along with violent crime up double digits overall.

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