Cabal Lieutenant, Donald Shalvey is Dead 

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Cabal Lieutenant, Donald Shalvey is Dead 

STOCKTON- Donald Shalvey, a top lieutenant of the Stockton Cabal is dead. Shalvey was the main henchman for the Cabal’s Education Division, the main racket of which is Charter Schools. Shalvey died over the weekend at the age of 79 from brain cancer after being in hospice for the last year.

While Cabal affiliated publications are touting Shalvey as a “devoted educator who worked fervently to create learning opportunities for all students”, the truth of the matter is he was a rich white guy who lived on a ranch in Linden while he and his partner Fritz Grupe and their cabal exploited poor populations of primarily Brown and Black students to create and further their education racket centered in Stockton. 

“For more than 50 years Don has been dedicated to students of all ages and their success. His leadership has helped transform our public school and charter school systems,” said University of the Pacific Regents Chair Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt in a UOP article praising him. 

Shalvey was the founder of the first charter school in California, using Stockton’s population as the stepping stool and guinea pig. He was also the founder and CEO of Aspire Public Schools, using his connections with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he also worked for from 2009 to 2020 as the Deputy Director for K-12 Education, to propagate their education agenda throughout the state and nation. He was key in pushing the rhetoric that public schools were failing because of the teachers and students and parents, unions and the system itself, and that “charter schools” would be the savior. Nevermind the profitability of each charter school of course. 

According to EdSource, a sounding board for the charter school “movement”, “Aspire became California’s first charter management organization. After the first schools opened in Stockton in 1999 and then Modesto, Aspire quickly expanded to Oakland and the Bay Area, and Los Angeles; within a decade it had 21 schools…. Other not-for-profit charter management organizations, known as CMOs, followed, among them San Francisco-based KIPP, Green Dot and Alliance for College Ready Public Schools in Los Angeles, Summit high schools and Rocketship elementary schools. All targeted underperforming children of low-income Black and Latino families in urban areas.” 

And “targeted underperforming children of low-income Black and Latino families in urban areas” is exactly what Shalvey did; and his organizations like San Joaquin A+ continue to do. 

Motecuzoma Sanchez, the founder of 209 Times and former professor at CUS Stanislaus and Director for Stockton Unified School District has quite a different take on Shalvey and his legacy:

 “Every time one of these devils dies, like with Alex Spanos, you see their legacy media puppets try to brainwash the public into believing what they did in their lifetime was admirable. Shalvey exploited poor Brown and Black kids in my hometown of Stockton , Modesto and beyond. And his creations, like a monster, continue to do so. 

They pretend like they’re pushing for kids to go to college, which literally all school districts do, but in reality they cherry pick students away from the public schools leaving the public schools to deal with the fallout. On another hand they use Mexican and Black faces to recruit kids to join their schools or push their political agenda, not because they care about their success, but because they get paid a lot of money from the government for every student they have enrolled. That also comes with multi million dollar contracts to provide ‘services’ to those students for themselves and their cabal buddies. 

These old greedy rich white guys aren’t even from Stockton nor do they care about Stockton kids. They don’t. You have Shalvey’s boss Fritz Grupe, a multi millionaire who lives in a mansion in Lodi personally raise money for and fund the insane board that has taken over SUSD through their Central Valley Leadership Fund so he can get his developer fee kickbacks amongst other things. They’ve diverted resources away from public schools in order to profit from their racket and you see the detrimental effects it’s having on districts like SUSD where students, staff and teachers remain neglected and put in danger from incompetent leadership and physical harm everyday. 

Organizations like KIPP Charter Schools and anyone affiliated with Grupe or his San Joaquin Partnership and Business Council are an enemy to this community and will continue to be targeted and held accountable. Don Shalvey did immense damage to Stockton and public schools throughout California,” said Sanchez. 

1 out of every 9 students in California now attends a charter school as a result of Don Shalvey and his Cabal. Yet, California consistently ranks near the lowest in test scores in the entire nation, which even EdSource admits. 

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