Candidate for County Supervisors, Chris Rouppet, Investigated by CHP for Hit n Run

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Candidate for County Supervisors, Chris Rouppet, Investigated by CHP for Hit n Run

Chris Rouppet is being accused of hitting multiple parked cars then abandoning his wrecked vehicle on foot. We have confirmed that the California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. According to sources on Friday September 29th at 9:40pm a car traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into three parked cars on Sonoma Street behind Micheal’s Pizza just south of Alpine Ave. 

A witness has recounted that they exited their home to investigate the loud crash and saw Chris Rouppet, who is currently a legislative aide for the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, standing next to his totaled vehicle repeatedly yelling, “FUCK!” The witness recognized him from a previous political event and told him not to go anywhere as they called police. When they returned three minutes later, he has fled the scene leaving behind his wrecked car with his County issued work badge inside the car. 

The CHP confirmed from his registration that he was the owner and made an unsuccessful attempt to locate him. In reaching out to Rouppet he acknowledged that he hit “accidentally hit a parked car”, but denies alcohol was involved saying that he left the scene because he had a concussion. The impact was so great that it set off the airbag and moved one of the parked cars an estimated 60 feet. The cars were parked in front of homes on the opposite side of the street that Rouppet was driving. Had the cars not been there it’s clear he would have driving onto a property and possibly crashed into a house. 

When asked about the details of the crash and why he fled the scene, Rouppet says he’s suffering memory loss due to a severe concussion. He says he’s glad no one was hurt and that his insurance company is working to make sure the owners of the damaged cars are compensated. 

The CHP has not yet provided a conclusion to the investigation, however any tests for Blood Alcohol Content would have no longer been valid by the time they made contact with Rouppet. No records of him being admitted to any hospital have been provided.

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