City Councilmember Who Doesn’t Even Show Up to Meetings Now, Asks Voters For Another 4 Years

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City Councilmember Who Doesn’t Even Show Up to Meetings Now, Asks Voters For Another 4 Years

Recently several San Joaquin County elected officials went on a week long “One Voice” trip to Washington D.C. The purpose of the annual taxpayer funded trip is for elected representatives to advocate for San Joaquin residents directly to Federal Government officials.

However, several elected officials who attended the trip reached out to us with concerns that Stockton City Councilmember Sol Jobrack had priorities others than his constituents. While arriving days prior to the start of the conference, he spent the time sight seeing and left after one day of business.

Many of the elected officials were puzzled as to why Sol Jobrack even bothered to show up for a week that consisted of many advocacy workshops, seminars, and important meetings.

“When said travel, hotel and food expenses etc. Is being funded with taxpayer’s money, then we have a huge problem. We are supposed to be here in our Nation’s capital to do work for the people of San Joaquin, not to have a vacation”, said one of the local elected official who attended, but wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from Sol’s Stockton Cabal associates.

And why did he leave so early? He only attended one day of meetings and left so he could attend a $150 a plate Fundraiser at the mansion of deceased Stockton Billionaire A.G Spanos, whose family continues to be one of his campaign funders.

Sol then again missed another important meeting between City and County officials while at home in Stockton the following week. Yet, he is running for re-election on June 7th, asking voters for 4 more years to do a job that he apparently doesn’t take seriously now. When asking residents in District 1 of north Stockton that he represents, many asked, “Who’s Sol Jobrack?” They didn’t even know he’s been representing them for the last 4 years because his presence in the community is so nonexistent.

209 Times reached out to Jobrack for comment on the concerns. He has yet to respond after weeks.

Vote to elect Michelle Padilla if you want someone who will actually show up to meetings. #stockton #election2022 #vote

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