City of Stockton Announces Agreement to Save Homeless Shelter

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City of Stockton Announces Agreement to Save Homeless Shelter

STOCKTON- Controversial City Manager Harry Black issued a press release today announcing that an agreement has been reached that will continue the operation of the homeless shelter in downtown Stockton. It was unexpectedly scheduled to close next Monday August 15th.

Harry Black, who runs the cIty of Stockton, is now patting himself on the back for averting the closure.
However, according to a letter from attorney Anthony Vignolo (who’s already won several lawsuits agaisnt the city leadership illegally trying to steal properties from private owners), it was actually Harry Black who was at fault to begin with. The letter states in part that Black is:

“embarking upon an incredibly unlawful and foolish path that will inevitably result in significant harm to the community and tremendous expense borne by the city’s taxpayers…

While the city certainly has a knack for presenting itself as a hero to the public in situations such as these, the details beneath the surface plainly show that the city has once again been scheming behind the scenes…”

Vignolo stated I the letter that “the City” aka Harry Black, was conspiring with other people to steal the assets from the Stockton Shelter.

“…politics have seemingly once again gotten in the way. For well over the past year, the city has secretly undertaken efforts to financially strangle SSH and otherwise unlawfully force the transition of SSH’s assets and operations to St. Mary’s…

While the city has historically provided grants to SSH to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars annually, the city cut back those grants to $8,306 over the past year,” Vignolo said.

Under threat of lawsuit, Harry magically found a “solution”. Meanwhile down the street a homeless transient was pleasuring himself with a dildo while also masturbating on a sidewalk a block away from an elementary school and next to several businesses.

When police were called they arrived and did nothing according to the caller who wishes to remain anonymous. They didn’t check if he had warrants or even approach him because police are also understaffed due to, you guessed it, Harry Black.

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