Creator of Glock, Gaston Glock Dies at 94

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Gaston Glock Dies at 94

The creator of the Glock pistol, Austrian billionaire Gaston Glock, passed away today, 12/27/2023, at the age of 94. The Glock company he created issued a statement saying life’s work with the company would “continue in his spirit”.

The Glock was designed by Gaston in 1979 and produced in 1982 for the Austrian military. At the time Glock was a curtain rod manufacturer, but when he found out the military was looking for a more reliable pistol, he assembled a group with handgun experts across Europe who contribute the the design based on real world functionality. It was ready in 3 months.

The simplistically designed weapon uses mostly plastic polymer materials along with metal parts. It is used worldwide by armed military forces, security personnel, gun owners and criminals alike.

It became popular in American via pop culture after appearances in Hollywood blockbusters including The Matrix Reloaded and was wielded prominently by Tommy Lee Jones in US Marshals. It also became popularized by hip hop music by rappers like the Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac Shakur who had charges dropped after shooting two police officers with a Glock after they accosted him with stolen evidence guns, and was later himself killed by a Glock pistol in Las Vegas.

Stockton is often referred to as “Glockton” because of its violence.

At the age of 70 Glock fought off and knocked out an assassin hired by a business associate with his bare hands, despite the assailant being a wrestler who hit him in the head several times.

In 2000 he refused to join other weapon manufacturing companies who signed a voluntary gun control deal with the US government.

He is survived by his wife and their children; two sons, and a daughter.

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