Delta College Teacher, Jim Boyle, Sued For Racial Discrimination While Allegedly “provoking students to fight” at CHAD Youth Prison

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Jim Boyle

STOCKTON- Jim Boyle is a lecturer at San Delta College. He is being sued by a plaintiff who says Boyle and others discriminated against him for his Mexican heritage among other facts presented in a lawsuit filed in July of this year. The most serious allegation contained in the lawsuit is that one of the main factors in the plaintiff’s wrongful termination was reporting his concerns that Boyle, as a teacher in a program at the CHAD youth prison, was “inciting inmates to fight”. 

As a result of the plaintiff reporting this grave concern, Boyle and others retaliated against him according to the lawsuit. The facts presented in the document also states Boyle threatened the plaintiff with physical harm. 

Boyle is well known on social media for being a rabid supporter, attacking and harassing anyone who criticizes or asks questions of accountability towards Mayor Michael Tubbs. Usually in full view of the mayor on his own Facebook page. 

His comments usually range from offensive to grotesque and outright bizarre. Here he can be seen asking someone if they “liked prison sex” even though the discussion has nothing to do with prison or sex let alone prison sex. 

Another exchange with a woman who wasn’t even addressing him, but asking Mayor Tubbs a question on his own post about crime is especially disturbing. The woman he was harassing admits to being concerned about the high rate of rapes because she herself was a sexual assault survivor. Boyle proceeded to bash her for it as seen here. Mayor Tubbs never once intervened or seemed to care what his supporter was saying to the woman.  

He’s also been known to take his vile harassment to individuals’ inbox messages like this example where he even mentions being bullied as a young child and “forced to fight”. 

In addition to harassing people on Tubbs’ social media, he along with Jake Tyler who himself has a restraining order against him for violence, both run a pro Tubbs propaganda page called SDR. Their posts are routinely slanderous and libelous from outlandish claims of elected officials drug use and racist claims that Chicano candidates for office had “criminal records” despite no such criminal records existing. Both Boyle and Tyler were served with Cease and Desist orders for at least one of those libelous occasions. 

In a more recent post Boyle was witnessed running barefooted down Pacific Ave to snap a picture of Tubbs’ opponent Kevin Lincoln not wearing a mask on top of a fire truck, even though no one was around him. The irony, or hypocrisy was the fact Boyle himself wasn’t wearing a mask. Or shoes. 

Jim Boyle pictured barefoot on Pacific Ave.
Firefighters explain what they witnessed.

Frank Gayaldo, one of Boyle’s targets of harassment says, “The inappropriate comments Boyle made to me were bizarre, especially considering the fact prison or sex wasn’t even part of the conversation. I believe i was questioning Mayor Tubbs about the FPPC investigation into his hidden “consulting firm” he’s failed to disclose to the public as required by law. 

Considering that Mr Boyle was a teacher who worked amongst incarcerated youth, he should know better than to make such comments in regards to prison sex or be insensitive to rape victims. 

A great part of my own law enforcement experience was spent in Custody, including working on Death Row in San Quentin and at the San Joaquin County jail.  Mr. Boyle’s bizarre online and offline behavior centered around his passionate feelings towards Mayor Tubbs, raises red flags with me and others, even prior to learning about the alarming allegations being made in this lawsuit. 

Even if the horrid allegations against Mr. Boyle were not so detailed and being made under penalty of perjury, Mr Boyle should not be in a position of any power over any youth,  based on how he conducts himself on Mayor Michael Tubbs’ public Facebook page.  Why isn’t the Mayor denouncing his super supporters’ bizarre behavior.  

Running around maskless and barefoot on the Miracle Mile while screaming Kevin Lincoln is spreading the Coronavirus is a sign of a mentally unstable person”. 

People are now questioning Jim Boyle’s employment at Delta College.

Both Boyle and Tubbs have not provided a comment other than this message on Facebook: “I am currently seeking legal advise (sic) and direction from the State Attorneys office. There will be no exchanges.”

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