Dramatic Video Captures Man Attacked On 99 In Stockton

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STOCKTON- Dramatic vídeo from several angles shows a man attacking a driver of a car in traffic on freeway 99 southbound in Stockton. Witnesses describe the driver as elderly and believe it was an attempted car jacking although no information form law enforcement has confirmed that. After bystanders attempt to help the man being attacked the attacker walks off on the freeway stopping traffic.

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  1. That nobody was man enough to step in and drag that animal off that elderly man is a disgusting testament to the absolute ROT in our society. Just sickening. #NeuteredMen

  2. I have lived in Stockton CA for most of my life and to see this is so terrifying that people would even think about hurting a elderly man or woman who is pretty much helpless I makes me sick to my stomach and hurts to see ? people’s disregard for precious lives

  3. All I see is a bunch of grown ass pu$$y, big for NO reason, weak boys because they couldn’t even pull ONE small dude off of that poor old man?!?!

    My man would’ve done it all alone by him damn self and would have whooped on that pos!!! He would NOT stand for NO bull like that going on to nobody especially a poor little old man getting beat on!!!!

    This video makes me sick!!

  4. I seen is a big ass dude two then three wtf me as a woman would of beat that bastard with a crowbar right upside his head swang it like i was playing baseball one good blow booya m. F NOW ? What punk, what kind of bitchs stand looking, like that helped..

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