Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Speaks on Plea Deal Sentence

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Anthony Silva Facebook page.

STOCKTON- A day after being sentenced for the plea deal he accepted back in May 2019, Anthony Silva issues a statement regarding his prosecution and sentence:

“This is the last time I am going to address this issue on social media and then I am done and moving forward. Yesterday morning in San Joaquin Superior Court, I was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment with the option to do it work project for a violation of Government Code 1090. I donated some of my “discretionary funds” to the Stockton Kids Club, formerly the Boys & Girls Club, an organization that has been serving the most disadvantaged kids in Stockton since 1963. It was an alleged violation because I was the President of this organization for 10 years. I didn’t have any financial gain and all funds were used for after school programs summer day programs and keeping the swimming pool open. I think it’s only fair to mention that in a four-year period as mayor I also donated a significant amount of my personal funds which is well documented as a donated part of my mayor salary too many local nonprofits in Stockton. If I have committed some type of a crime for donating money to a charity then so be it; I am paying the price now. I certainly hope this will set a precedence and the same standards will be used for other local elected officials who do actually gain financially bu money’s being hidden and used to their foundations and they will simply access these funds once they are done holding office. I donated money to the kids club because this organization was targeted by my political rivals and pretty much decimated and destroyed just to weaken me and make me look like a bad person during a nasty re-election. both the City attorney who is supposed to advise and protect the mayor and the city council and the city manager signed off on all my donations and expenditures. Unlike current politicians, I never bought alcohol and spent $10,000 on office furniture and paid for my friends to drive me around the City. I wasn’t afraid of my own citizens I didn’t have police escorts drive me around and I certainly didn’t spend most of my time outside of Stockton. As a single father and a political outsider who never was accepted and embraced by the rich nobles of the City, they were constantly exaggerating my character and attacking me as a single father to try to make me look like some party guy. Yes, I was flawed and at times I always didn’t make the right decision and I always didn’t surround myself with the right people because I wanted to trust and believe in everyone’s good intentions and often times they were using me. I am however proud of my service as Mayor, I fought the necessary battles and always tried to be humble and truly represent the residents of Stockton and do the personal bidding of the rich elite. They obviously put in a lot of resources and called in a lot of favors to find a way to get rid of me. Their goal was to make the public hate me. Remember this City was bankrupt when I got there because of their greed. People sued me for having prayers at public meetings. Ask yourself this….how much tax payers dollars was used to “assassinate my character?” They created a Covert Operation…with multiple agencies to have me arrested three times in a year and a half and for what? Sexy headlines in newspapers and webpages. Remember the media can make you into a hero or a villain in just one single day! Everytime I was arrested ….the Record newspaper was always present….how is that possible if law enforcement is trusted? It’s almost like everything was scripted! The only thing that was accomplished was they slandered me and people I care deeply about, and they ruined programs and services that helped the poorest kids and families in the City. They paraded me around in a red jumpsuit and gave me a One Million Dollar Bail.. always arresting me when I was out of town. They told the world that I stole millions of dollars from kids and yet today apparently there’s not one penny missing. Instead I’m a criminal because I made a donation. The real truth is these people in power wanted me to take my own life and to kill myself they wanted me to be embarrassed and shamed in my own community and in front of my sons. They have already made it so I can barely support my family. They don’t understand why I’m still alive. I know way too much about the dirty little secrets in this City and they want to shut me up. Meanwhile while we are distracted by all this bull-shit the city is getting worse and worse every day and no one is doing anything about it”.

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  1. I’m working on it by calling them out and working to unite the people. They know it and trust and believe this city is not about to be destroyed without my voice being heard. You inspired me to stand for the people.

  2. People are so quick to judge others today. It’s too easy to assassinate someone’s character in the newspaper, in a soundbite on the news, or on social media. People should remember we are a nation of laws and a man is assumed innocent until proven guilty.
    Judging solely on Mr. Silva’s sentence it surely seems someone may have abused their office to ruin him politically. Still some people continue to slander him without proof or conviction.
    Mayor Silva worked hard for Stockton and does not deserve for this to follow him forever.
    Notice how fast anyone has bothered to apologize for all the unproven accusations against him… Crickets.

  3. Wow why you put your self out there .90 days is nothing the man who was hungry stole a loaf of bread.and got the 3 strikes because of his past.stop explaining your self it don’t help.yes I understand about the news .I got interviewed and was told it would not go on social media and it did anyway.i felt like a fool .I did not care what anyone said about me .thay don’t know me .you did this to your self now go do your 90 days how ever your going to do it. bottom line is. Don’t care what folks say if that know you then you dont have any thing to worry be honest I didn’t like you as a sleeping with the homeless I bet you everything you had was brand-new even your shoes.that was a joke try living with them on the street for more then just a few hours .not a fan .

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