Former Stockton Mayor Silva Sentenced

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Simas and Silva in court.

STOCKTON- Former Mayor, Anthony Silva, has been sentenced to 90 days in jail and can do that via AWP work program. He’s also on felony probation until the court decides on restitution. No credit was given for his time served of 22 days. Sharon Simas, his assistant, had her case dismissed. In May Silva took a plea deal accepting the charge of violating Government Code 1090 conflict of interest: misuse of funds for receiving money to his nonprofit organization that came from city discretionary funds. Former city manager Kurt Wilson was the one who authorized the payment, but was never charged.

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  1. Considering we just had a man who literally killed someone receive 2 days in jail this sentence only confirms that Mayor Silva wasn’t part of the cabal that operates here. If justice were being meted out evenly then Silva should have gotten a stern talking to.

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