Franklin High Student Arrested With Loaded Gun and Extended Magazine on Campus

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STOCKTON- The incident occurred on Wednesday November 3rd. Per Stockton Unified Police Officers Association:

“Gun Arrest On Campus: Today at 1225 hours, staff at Franklin High escorted a student who was vaping in class to the principal’s office. The student was uncooperative. The principal requested Officer Shum, who was assigned as the SRO be present for the search. As the student handed his jacket to campus security, the campus security monitor felt a heavy object in the jacket pocket. Staff handed the jacket to Officer Shum who retrieved a loaded 9mm Glock pistol from the jacket. A subsequent search revealed a spare, loaded magazine in the student’s backpack. Officer Shum immediately arrested the student and booked him into juvenile hall. We have zero tolerance for weapons on campus. If you bring a gun onto school grounds, you will be arrested”.

The organizers of “Defund SUSD Police” like Jasmine Dellafosse, Sammy Nunez (who is sitting in jail awaiting trial for continuous sexual acts with a child under the age of 10), or any of their other “Reinvent Stockton” or “Stockton Scholars” counterparts could not be reached for comment.

Jasmine Dellafosse stands near mural of her commissioned by former mayor Michael Tubbs. Screenshot from

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