Graphic Video Emerges Of Elderly Stockton Man Tased By Police

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STOCKTON- Video has emerged of an elderly man being tased and arrested on May 28th. The video begins with David Guidry filming police who appeared to be gathering evidence for an accident on El Dorado St. As he was standing on a side median the officers can been seen taking notice of him and telling him to get off the median. He complies while making a comment about them giving “directives”. As he argues from across the street with an officer, one identified as Jeremiah Skaggs crosses the street to tell him he’s being ticketed, yet has no ticket book out. Skaggs then immediately grabs him and the camera appears to fall as it loses focus on the officer. The electric buzzing can be heard as Guidry screams in agony. According to he was also beaten with a club and he says Skaggs went through his phone attempting to delete the video not realizing it was a live feed on YouTube.

According to the daily report from the Watch Commander this is the version of the incident by Stockton PD:

Resisting Arrest (May 27, 2020 0726) 6700 Block of North El Dorado Street, Lakeview District
Traffic officers were conducting a follow up investigation when the suspect approached the scene, stood on the median and refused to leave after being requested to do so. When the officers attempted to detain him, he resisted. A baton and taser were used to take the suspect into custody. ARRESTED: David Guidry, 56, for resisting arrest and a traffic violation.

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  1. I’ve known Skaggs since he was in high school. He took my son under his wing and was an EXCELLENT friend to him. When people referred to my son with the “n” word, Skaggs stood up to them. This video is clearly not showing the person talking. This is NOT Skaggs speaking through most of it. People should be ashamed of themselves. I guess people assume that since Skaggs is white that he is racist, but in actuality they are the ones who are being racist. This needs to end. You are trying to ruin someone’s life that has done nothing but given his life to his country and city. STOP PEOPLE.

  2. This entire article is a complete joke. At no point was the cop “attempting to erase footage”. That moron didn’t immediately comply and got what was coming to him.

    Telling cops “fuck you and fuck your wife, pig” isn’t the best way to be let off the hook if you’re breaking the law, even if it’s a pretty stupid law.

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