Greedy Millionaires Attempt to Seize Control of SUSD With Puppet Candidates

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Millionaire Fritz Grupe, a white developer from Lodi and Don Shalvey, a white CEO of San Joaquin A+, from Linden, have been aggressively fundraising to apparently buy the election with a slate of 4 controversial candidates in order to seize control of the mostly brown and black serving Stockton Unified School District. Insiders say their intention is to usher in more charter schools that will be funded through Stockton tax payers.

Their failed attempt under the leadership of John Deasy, still has the District dealing with a $30 million deficit, which may lead to layoffs of teachers and staff. If they are successful with their candidates SUSD is doomed, leaving more than 5,000 employees without jobs further compromising the Stockton economy.

Here are the Cabal’s candidates:

  • Angelann Flores Area #2, who has taken a child molester and sex offender to SUSD schools, grossly misusing her power as a Trustee. She is the source of multiple lawsuits facing the district and has been censured by her colleagues 3 times for consistently being out of order and disrupting Board meetings, and even more appalling, she was served with a request for a restraining order by her own daughter after being accused of child abuse and endangerment.
  • Area 6, Sofia Colon is a Charter School advocate and wants to Defund SUSD Police. She also led a petition to “save John Deasy”.
  • Area 7, Kennetha Stevens is a disgruntled former employee of SUSD. We have obtained emails of hers conspiring with Kipp Charter Schools against a current Director of SUSD.
  • Area 5, Donald Donaire is an operative of the “reinvent Stockton coalition”, who will receive his marching orders from the Cabal and their team putting their interest before that of students.

We have included pictures they are putting out trying to catfish the public harder than Manti Te’o.

Join us in stopping the attempt of Grupe/Shalvey and  their “Defund SUSD Police” allies to takeover SUSD and put more students, teachers, and employees at risk. 


  • Xavier Lopez Mountain,Area 2 
  • Juan Estrada, Area 5 
  • Scot McBrian, Area 6
  • Zachary Avelar Area 7

Turn in ballots now or vote on November 8th. Don’t let outside millionaires takeover Stockton children’s education for their greed and ambitions.

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