Homeless Man Taken Down By Beanbags, Stabs K9 (VIDEO)

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STOCKTON- Dramatic video filmed live by our correspondent captured the moment police and deputies took down a suspect near homeless camps. Police arrived to the scene around 3:50pm and had a standoff with a man who was threatening to kill his ex-wife. The man identified as 59 year old John Sandoval, was armed with a hatchet and knives. As the police attempted to block the scene from us and the public, a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s K-9 named Kimbo was taken to the scene and let loose on Sandoval as he was shot several times with bean bags. The move by police came after attempts by their Crisis Negotiators could not convince Sandoval who seemed suicidal to surrender. He stood up challenging officers to a confrontation which is when Kimbo moved in and was stabbed in the scuffle. Sandoval was tased and aprehender. He was arrested for multiple charges including violating the parole he was on for domestic violence. Kimbo was taken to the Veterinarian Hospital and is expected to fully recover.

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  1. If you harm a K-9 (Dog) it’s the same as harming a police officer. It doesn’t matter what race that guy was. They were just doing their job.

  2. People just need to mind they’re own business now. This has gotten out of hand, let the police do their jobs. If the cops get called on you and you act belligerent, then expect an aggressive response. We can’t let our country turn into a scene from demolition man. Everyone needs to stop crying and knit picking on the police, not all of them are monsters or out to get us.

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