It Looks To Be A Busy Election Season In The 209

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SACRAMENTO- It looks to be a busy election season:

Susan Collette Eggman, the person who uses a fake alias of “Talamantes” to get Mexican votes, takes money from private prisons who hold immigrant women and children where some have even died from abuse, and who tried to make tax payers pay for heroin lounges is now running for State Senate.

Also running for State Senate are Modesto Vice Mayor Manny Grewal, who’s actually sought resolutions to the homeless problem there and County Supervisor Bob Elliot who turned a blind eye to the bizarre actions of disgraced former Sheriff Steve Moore.

Running for State Assembly is Kathy Miller, the chair of the “Homeless Task Force” whose watch homelessness has severely increased on, who helped Stockton go bankrupt while cutting health care from retirees whose life depended on it, and who just got re-elected to County Supervisor after jumping from city council shortly after a re-election there.

Also opening an assembly committee is city council woman Christina Fugazi, who won re-election after defeating the choice of Michael Tubbs, Eggman, and Miller, and has been the only one on the council who actually cares about the city of Stockton for the last 6 years. She is also a high school teacher.

There is still time to jump in the races and we expect more to announce shortly. We will update as that happens.

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