Jason Lee Hosts Community Conversation in Weston Ranch

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STOCKTON- As campaign season hits the 209, celebrity talk show host Jason Lee hosted a community conversation highlighting issues he hopes to address on the Stockton City Council. Jason is running for district 6, which is the south side and Weston Ranch. While he’s found success in Hollywood, he is originally from Stockton where he survived being shot and lost a brother to gun violence.

Jason posted the following video on his social media pages today along with information about how to contact him and learn more about his platform.

“Stockton: One week ago I led a community conversation to invite residents of South Stockton [District 6] to discuss opportunities for real change. When asked what I plan to do differently is to lead with inclusion, embrace diversity, and promoting accountability. Now that I’ve heard from everyone l’ve developed my campaign promises and planning for the next event!
What you’re witnessing is a movement. An uprising of marginalized folks whose voice has gone ignored for years.
This is truly a moment where everyone has decided that a real “CHANGE YOU CAN COUNT ON” starts with a collective voice and not just one who sits on a throne in city hall.
I want to say thank you to all who came out and we are just getting started. Special thanks to my family, friends, and my youth campaign manager @malcolmxb_ for being right there with me. March 5th can’t come fast enough. 79 more days!” 🎥 theonlyjasonlee

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