Jesus Andrade Skips City Council Meeting for Hispanic Chamber Event After Voting to Give Himself a 62% Raise of Tax Payer Money

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Photo: Jesus Andrade missing the city council meeting for Hispanic Chamber of Commerce business

STOCKTON- In November of 2018 City Councilmember Jesus Andrade voted to give himself a raise of $10, 165 after only attending 19 meetings for the entire year. He also voted to go from having two city council meetings a month to just one, and yet still managed to miss 10% of them. The $10,165 raise of tax payer money he gave himself raised his yearly council salary to $26,694 a year or $2,224.50 a month. And what did tax payers pay him $2,224.50 for the month of March to miss a meeting for? Well he skipped out on the meeting (with guaranteed pay) to make more money. As CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he decided to hold an event on the same day as a council meeting and charge people $75 to attend.

Chamber Event hosted by Andrade

Andrade was named CEO of the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in May of 2018 despite being caught red handed for fraud as a city councilmember when he used a false address in north Stockton while representing district 6 in south Stockton. He did so so his son could play football on a better team which was undefeated for the season and playoff bound until Jesus’ fraud became discovered and the entire youth football team had to forefeit that perfect season. Parents were never compensated for all of the time and money they put in either.

Photo: Record article, Councilman Andrade used falsified documents to register son for youth league, Linesburgh, Nov 9,2017

Puzzling about his hiring as CEO of he Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was that his only experience with business was his “consulting firm” that turned out to just be himself using his own social security number as a “sole proprietor” and his only “client” was the San Joaquin Partnership who paid him a salary he apparently tried to hide from public disclosure causing him to be investigated and fined by the California Fair Politcal Practice Commission. Motecuzoma Sanchez, who filed the complaint to the FPPC that was substantiated, speculated that the reason for Andrade to want to hide that financial relationship was because the San Joaquin Partnership was also funding “Reinvent South Stockton” allowing him to campaign as a “community organizer” under the guise of “reinventing south Stockton” with Michael Tubbs so he could hold that council seat as Tubbs vacated it in his campaign for mayor. Shortly after both being elected, both Andrade and Tubbs would vote on a measure to unexpectedly buy the Waterfront Towers property for $23 million cash to be used as a new city hall. Half of the property happened to be owned by Jane Butterfield, a board member of the San Joaquin Partnership who personally hosted a fundraiser for Tubbs’ mayoral campaign and whose organization provided Andrade a salary to essentially campaign in the same district he was running for- south Stockton. Then it turned out the new location would not even be sufficient for city of Stockton government needs as a city hall, after it was bought.

Andrade ran as a “businessman” on the ballot, but his “business” while being only himself as a sole proprietor funded exclusively by the San Joaquin Partnership, was promoted as the South Stockton Schools Intiative, a member organization of “Reinvent South Stockton Coalition”. However, there is no such business that exists in the state of California. Of special note is the fact that the address for Schools Intiative and Reinvent Stockton Foundation (founded by Tubbs) are the same.

Whatever kind of “businessman” Andrade is it’s clear the business of the city for which he was elected to represent one of the most challenged districts of is not the priority it should be for him.

Also of special note is that Jesus goes by the moniker of “Birdman” as seen in the video he himself made during the event while he was missing the city council meeting. Birdman. ?

Video: Jesus Andrade

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  1. If he is a married man I would of filed for divorce. I wouldn’t be able to forgive him for ruining all the kids football season. I still don’t understand how he got away with that.

    The rest of his story I wasn’t surprised about at all. It’s obvious by his attire he is just one cool dude cheating the taxpayers.
    I hope someday soon his career comes to an end.
    I have to tell him his yellow suit, black bow tie, and his hair are disgustingly

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