Killer Stockton Kings Player Confesses to Murder He Plotted Over Group Texts

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Killer Stockton Kings Player Confesses to Murder He Plotted Over Group Texts

Court documents show that Stockton Kings Center, 27 year old Chance Comanche, confessed to murdering a woman in Las Vegas after a game for his 19 year old ex-girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, who set it up, pretending to be on a prostitution job. Police allege the killing happened just hours after the Stockton Kings’ game on December 5th against the Las Vegas Ignite G League team. The Stockton Kings lost 103-91.

According to authorities, the murder plot originated with Chance’s ex girlfriend 19 year old Sakari Harnden who was upset with Maryana Rodgers, her friend who she believed was accusing her of cooperating with police to put Harnden’s current boyfriend in jail for a double murder in California. This was corroborated by Rodgers’ current boyfriend. Comanche, who is originally from Beverly Hills, claimed that Harnden also wanted Rodgers’ Rolex watch and wanted to “smoke her” for it. 

Victim Maryana Rodgers.

Alleged mastermind Sakari Harnden.

Harnden then recruited Comanche who himself recruited another friend named Tremaine to assist in the premeditated murder. Comanche offered to pay Tremaine and included him in a group text with Harnden, but he eventually declined. Text records show that Tremaine asked Comanche and Harnden what they wanted to happen to Rodgers and Comanche replied with a  “⚰️” emoji. Harnden replied with  “✌🏼 ✌🏼 🕊️.” Other emojis used were “ 👻 “ and “🔫.” 

Despite both having boyfriends, Harnden and Rodgers, a medical assistant living in Washington, were both prostitutes, which is how Rodgers was lured into the trap. Harnden recruited Rodgers to fly to Las Vegas to engage in a prostitution job with Comanche posing as the “trick” for a payment of $1,000. According to text records Comanche agreed to sit in the back seat and strangle Rodgers “like in the movies.” 

After meeting up with Rodgers, they drove to a liquor store then a Culdesac where according to Comanche’s confession they convinced Rodgers to have her hands zip-tied as part of a kinky sex request by Comanche before he and Harnden strangled her to death with an HDMI cord. Harnden used her hands. They then drove to the desert and dumped her body, covering it with rocks near a road. Harnden and Comanche then returned to his hotel room before Comanche eventually left the room to get on the Stockton Kings team bus.

Comanche confessed that Harnden was his ex- girlfriend. Harnden told police that Comanche was in love with her according to authorities. 

Harnden also acknowledge meeting Rodgers for a prostitution job and confirmed that Comanche was in the back seat of her car when they met up with her, but denied murdering her saying Rodgers left in an Uber. Comanche’s confession proved that was a lie. After Rodgers was reported missing on December 7th, Harnden was one of the supposedly concerned friends who reported Rodgers missing to police. 

“Good luck on your game,” was one message from Harnden to Comanche during the ongoing plot. The Kings released Comanche from the team shortly after his arrest by the FBI in Sacramento on Friday December 15th. He appeared in a Sacramento County court on Tuesday and waived his right to fight extradition to Las Vegas. 

Now Harnden  can get the full prisoner experience just like her current boyfriend, and ex boyfriend Chance Comanche. 

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