Man Arrested Again, Day After State Forced Sheriffs To Release Inmates For COVID-19, Is Arrested Next Day For Same Crime…AGAIN!

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STOCKTON- If the title is as crazy to understand as it was for us to write it’s because it is. What’s crazier is the California Judicial Council’s statewide order to release inmates in county jails as a supposed means of fighting the spread of COVID-19. Yesterday we reported that inmate Jason Gaul, who was one of those inmates released from the San Joaquin jail was arrested again just hours after his release for the exact same crime he was in jail for. In a statement by Sheriff Withrow it was revealed that despite those facts, based on the state order, Gaul would have to be re released after booking.

Booking Photo 4/14/20
Bookinh Photo 4/15/20

Now as predicted by the sheriff, Gaul was arrested yet again:

Per Stockton PD

“Today, at 1:15 pm, officers located a stolen vehicle in the area of Park Street and Center Street. Two suspects were taken into custody without incident. Arrested were Jason Gaul, 33, for grand theft of a vehicle, looting, vandalism, and committing a felony while on probation and Alvin Ryals, 25, for grand theft of a vehicle, looting, and vandalism.

Gaul was arrested yesterday by our officers for vehicle tampering and resisting arrest. Unfortunately, he was released yesterday under ‘zero-bail’ but today he received additional charges pertaining to committing felony property thefts during a state of emergency so that he may remain in custody longer”.

Sheriff Withrow also said in a statement:

“Look Who’s Back… Jason Gaul.

Jason Gaul was released yesterday on his SECOND ‘zero-bail’ release for a stolen vehicle charge. Today, he earned another free ride from our partners at the Stockton Police Department; back to the jail for being in yet, another stolen vehicle. This time he will not be so lucky and receive a ‘zero-bail’ release, as some of his charges do not qualify.

Apparently, 1-hour after the vehicle was reported stolen; Jason Gaul was caught in it. As we have stated before, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay at home order in place, all local law enforcement agencies are working together and will continue to do so to assure the safety and security of our community.

Jason Gaul is being charged with the following criminal charges:

PC 487(D)(1) Grand Theft: Auto
PC 463(B) Grand Theft during state of emergency/etc
PC 12022.1(B) Committing a crime while released from custody on a felony
PC 594(B)(1) Vandalism ($400 or more)

A few of these charges carry a bail amount; therefore, he will not be eligible for a ‘zero bail’ release”.

This was the video message from the Shergill yesterday where he predicted Gail would be right back.

You can’t make this up.

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