Man Killed In Police Custody In Stockton

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STOCKTON- An investigation is under way after arresting officers kill a suspect. The Stockton Police Department has released the following statement:

“This morning, at 7:00 a.m., officers responded to the 10700 block of Trinity Parkway on a report of a disturbance involving a man threatening an employee with a bottle. When officers arrived, they located the man inside the store and asked him to come outside to sit down. When he sat down outside, he jumped up and attempted to run away. Officers tackled him to the ground where he was taken into custody. While in custody, he continued to resist. At one point, he stopped breathing and an officer started life-saving measures. Medics responded and transported the man to an area hospital where he died.

The Stockton Police Department has initiated a County-Wide Critical Incident Investigation with the following agencies: San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, and the State Department of Justice.

The Stockton Police Department will release additional information when it becomes available”. #Stockton

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  1. Reporting narrative a bit irresponsible. Headline is ok, but the first line that states ” arresting officers kill a suspect” is presumptuous and sets a potentially dangerous false narrative. We do know that the suspect died while in custody but we do not know that the officers killed him. If you know something otherwise, you should have that information as part of the report otherwise assumptions are being made that could instigate public ire and any damage as a result would put this site and the reporting person liable for the results. Consider rephrasing or adding more context to the report.

  2. An investigation is under way after arresting officers kill a suspect.


    How do we know police killed him after they’ve released the video?? Did the video show the cops killing him? This page is a joke and the reason why people don’t trust actual real news now days. This page is the real definition of fake news.

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