Man With Pants Down Tries To Car Jack Van With 3 Children Inside

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STOCKTON- An unnamed person was detained yesterday by the owner and worker of a taco truck on Hammer Lane and El Dorado yesterday afternoon. Dramatic video was captured of the moment he was snatched from the van and physically held down. Witnesses detail seeing him jump in the back of the hatch of the van as it was being unloaded for supplies for the taco truck. After jumping in he climbed over the seats where children were strapped in and made his way to the driver seat where the children’s mother struggled to keep him from taking off in the vehicle. It is not yet known the status of the individual who appears on video to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

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  1. Glad that the children and mother are safe. Blessed to have people that work together like this and restrain him appropriately, rather than beat him up. He seems to be a possible ‘under the influence’ candidate, thus shows mental instability. Kudos to the team of men and women who helped.

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