Mayor Tubbs, Reinvent Stockton, and Ally John Deasy Lose Major Battle at SUSD

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Kathy Garcia
Maria Mendez

STOCKTON- TUBBS LOSES HIS CONTROL OVER STOCKTON UNIFIED. This evening on Tuesday December 17, 2019 Superintendent John Deasy was delivered a severe blow and it showed in his behavior as he slammed his pen down when Trustees removed Lange Lungtao as the Board President and elected Kathy Garcia as the new President along with Maria Mendez as Vice President. This is a significant setback for the Superintendent who has close ties to Mayor Michael Tubbs. According to sources from within the district, they have been doing the mayor’s bidding since Deasy arrived on the scene as the Superintendent last year. Not only is now former Board President Lange Luntao one of the Mayor’s best friends, but he is also listed as the Executive Director of Reinvent Stockton Foundation, which Tubbs is founder and serves as the Board Chair of. If this doesn’t add up to “Conflict of Interest” then something is seriously wrong.

Luntao and Tubbs in Columbia

According to sources during the last few years Tubbs has been instrumental in deciding who is getting fired and hired at SUSD including directors who have no qualifications to be such. Oddly enough, Pro Tubbs Trustees Lungtao, Flores, and Vargas attempted to install Trustee Vargas as the President, but were defeated by the rest of the Board. Trustee Candelaria is Max Vargas’s wife. Max is Mayor Tubbs’ personal city staff assistant. According to sources a few months ago there was also a secret investigation on Trustee Vargas for allegedly leaked closed session confidential information to her husband which subsequently led to a meeting at City Hall, and supposedly there has been threats of retaliation toward the Trustee who reported this violation. There have also been complaints that Deasy had a day care built for Vargas in the basement of the district headquarters.

Max and Candelaria Vargas

Tonight definitely signifies that Stockton Unified School District is now moving in the right direction. The Mayor’s office and all his cronies need to concentrate on running the city while he is still in office and let others manage the school district. Last month they also lost a move to waive developer fees for homes built in SUSD area at the discretion of the City of Stockton in a $2,000,000 kickback to real estate developers.

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