Mayor Tubbs Sells Out Stockton To Become Regional Homeless Camp

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San Joaquin County Fairgrounds Set To Close And Asparagus Festival Cancelled, Will Become Regional Homeless Camp

STOCKTON- On 10/14/2020 a meeting was held with The City of Stockton, The California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA)(which oversees the Fairgrounds Property) and the San Joaquin Continuum of Care (aka homeless task force that Mayor Tubbs and County Supervisor Kathy Miller) to make official the planned closure of the San Joaquin County Fair.

After ignoring the crisis for the majority of his time as mayor, as part of a major “Pilot Project” being pushed by Mayor Michael Tubbs and Governor Gavin Newson (Former Mayor of San Francisco) the gates of the Fairgrounds will officially close on 10/23/2020 and the 255 acre Fairgrounds property that has been around for 160 years, will be converted to the state’s first homeless reservation. According to sources in the know this will not only service Stockton’s soaring homeless population, but may likely also service the homeless populations from San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento where there are homeless camping along waterways. This deal will essentially make Stockton the official homeless capital for the Northern part of the State of California. 

According to the San Joaquin County Fair CEO Troy Bowers, there are already 10 mobile trailer units on the grounds which are already occupied, and 90% percent of the Fairgrounds staff has already been laid off. 

During the meeting between the City and the State, John Quiroz of the CDFA says that the Fair could be ready to service the homeless as early as this winter as “Warming Centers.”

This deals a major blow to the city of Stockton and specifically south Stockton which already struggles with blight, lack of investment, and bears the brunt of the heaviest concentration of homelessness. South Stockton briefly saw hope of possible investment and revitalization when the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival decided to relocate to the Fairgrounds. Tony Noceti, owner of the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival and Stockton 99 Speedway says, “This is incredibly sad for not only myself and my family, but the entire County of San Joaquin. Families in Stockton have already lost so much, to think that any leader would think selling out its community is a good idea, clearly isn’t fit to lead.” 

It’s worth noting that 70% of Mayor Tubbs’ contributions have come from the Bay Area, primarily San Francisco where he’s spent so much time away from Stockton that his wife was one of the “Bay Area Women of the Year” in a San Francisco magazine. He is also endorsed by Gov. Gavin Newsom for re-election and is recorded on several podcasts and speeches in the Bay Area speaking about homelessness as needing “a regional” solution. Critics have charged for years that he has been receiving so much support from Bay Area millionaires and elected officials because they needed a nearby city to offload their homeless on. Tubbs’ first fundraiser dinner for his re-election campaign as Stockton’s mayor was also in San Francisco, which will now benefit from having somewhere to send their homeless.

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  1. if this were to become an actual homeless camp, who the hell is responsible for cleaning up and garbage removal and bathroom and shower facilities. You see how they live in abandoned parking lots and on the water ways, who in the name of god is going to be responsible for this mess…..yep concerned citizens gonna show up weekly and clean house, I dont bloody think so. California already pays the highest taxes in the country and after covid you cant get blood from a stone. These people need more than an area to cause total destruction, they need mental health care, not free needles and drugs and alcohol to continue their mostly chosen life style

  2. I suppose that is better than the contamination of the water and soil and TONS of garbage that have been covering the most part of Stockton for years. The one spot where 8 tons of garbage was removed is even worse now! I can’t believe how far down we’ve gone. It might take a miracle to change things here!

    1. Linda Thomas not everyone has a home to go to everyday or proper roof over their head like you so if the homeless can’t live along the freeways waterways or in abandoned lots or buildings where else is there to live for sure not on your property who are you to talk down about any homeless person if you think it’s because they need mental health then quit being hateful and donate to help mental health for the homeless everybody supposed to look out and love one another what happened you need mental health too.

  3. I just hope they make rules like “no drunkedness” and “random drug tests”. And perhaps the mayor and governor should also be held to those standards to make it fair all the way around. After all the working class and chronic pain patients typically are subjected to these things. Also, I hope they will assign responsibilities for the care and upkeep from within the community, rather than just tack on more taxes for the rest of us. It should become nearly self sustainable if done right. If not, then the politicians who gave stolen so much from the people they were meant to serve, can anti up. That BILLION DOLLARS our govenor recently sent to China for “masks” could have gone a long way for this project. No new taxes. Dock politicians.

  4. This will destroy Stockton. Thousands of homeless placed in one town is no where close to a solution for the homeless crisis in California. Our social system, hospitals, police and town can’t take anymore. Stop dumping more problems in Stockton!! Towns have been bussing homeless here for years now. Keep your homeless and we will keep ours. Deal with your own problems and stop making us deal with yours!!

  5. How can they make homeless people leave where they are at? What if they don’t want too? It’s a free society to do n go where u want! Or is it? I think there would be legal issues here. Yes they want their cities to thrive n dump on yours. Will it be a tent city? Is it going to be like a refugee camp? They will come n go as they please. I feel sorry for Stockton. It will become a 3rd world city

  6. Can you confirm that there was an actual meeting with all parties from your story about Stockton Fairgrounds becoming a homeless reservation?
    Since CDFA & Fairs & Expositions are saying its “Fake News”!

    1. Did you find out if this is true?
      Deja Monet did an article on this from Hollywood unlocked and she has NOT retracted her article. Is this fact or a hoax ??

  7. Stop being racist first of all. This is the history of Stockton racist, segregation and low education. So stop with the archaic comments. The reason this is not a good idea because of a lack of services available nearby. No mental help no where to bath, and no nearby medical services. What happens in the morning when they wake up? Are there going to be buses taking them to doctor appointments or downtown to social services? This is a logistical nightmare.

  8. Please Do Not allow this to happen! It will be more blight for my beloved Stockton South Side Community!! For years Stockton’s south side has been neglected, rundown, and has received a bad wrap! What will happen to our small mom and pop business’s ?? I will picket this action if it occurs, and i will not re-elect you Tubbs!! Very Upsetting and disheartening news!!

  9. All the idiots here in CA that keep voting democrats into office and then they are up in arms wondering why this city and state looks like a dump. When will people wake up?? Smh.

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