Mexican Corn Man Robbed With Pepper Spray In Stockton Parking Lot

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STOCKTON- Yesterday around 3pm a man known as an Elotero or corn man was robbed in the parking lot in front of the Burlington and Dollar Tree stores on Hammer Lane. “Primo” as he’s known, was approached by a Black male and female and pepper sprayed in the face according to his account. He says they then took his cash from him and fled in a car; the plates of which he was able to take a picture of.

He then went inside a nearby store for assistance and the police were called. An eye witness tells us the police showed up later and reportedly told him he had to leave the parking lot until several managers from stores in the center objected saying he was welcomed there.

A report using the license plate numbers yielded the following car description.

A security guard in the center has now launched an online campaign to help raise him money.

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  1. Whats the link to his gofundme page??

    You should include it in at the bottom of the article.

    I would like to donate to this mans cause.

  2. F-king cops worried more about the mans right to be in a public place. Yea I know, he was selling something. SO WHAT!!!! Cops needed to concentrate on the real crime at hand. So good to see OTHERS stand together to help this man who is working to make a living & not hurting anyone.

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