New Stockton City Mgr Gets Big Pay

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Harry Black

STOCKTON- When Harry Black left Cincinnati, Ohio, that city gave him a severance package of $644,000. When we inquired about Mr. Black’s alleged multiple transgressions, including inviting a female subordinate to a Denver strip club called La Boheme Gentleman’s Cabernet that Mr. Black later claimed he did not realize was a strip club, Cincinnati’s public information unit wasn’t too happy to talk to 209 Times.

“We don’t want Cincinnati’s name our any of our names associated with him.”

Since our last city manager, Kurt Wilson, is suing Stockton for wrongful termination, 209 Times thought it would be a good idea to find out how much the City of Stockton has promised to pay our new city manager that nearly all our insiders expect won’t be here for too long:

Here’s the numbers according to a contract signed by Mayor Michael Tubbs on January 14, 2020:

Mr. Harry Black will receive $270,000 a year, plus $750 a month car allowance, plus $400 a month “technology allowance”, plus $18,000 moving expense, plus 30 days annual vacation, plus 15 days annual sick leave, with those balances oddly being commenced on day one. He will receive an additional 10% of his salary going to his deferred compensation. In addition he will receive health care and life insurance benefits similar to “other department heads”. He also receives an uncapped expense account and “professional development” pay including for his travel.

Upon a forced departure, the City of Stockton guarantees Mr. Black 30 days notice along with an additional 9 months of guaranteed severance pay, and reimbursement of any unused portion of the 45 days of vacation/sick pay he was granted on his first day of work, which quite possibly could be longer than Mr. Black stays in Stockton.

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  1. That is a disgrace to our city especially when no one should bet that kind of pay, especially where he came from . The homeless need homes. The money spent on him could help these mentally ill homeless victums our our systems. No NO No.

  2. The City of Stockton is just shitting out money like it did when Ann Johnston was Mayor building up the waterfront the arena the movie theater paying someone a million bucks to play in in the arena that has never had a sold out anything since it opened. I think the most people that have ever been there was when the Stockton Thunder was in the KELLY CUP PLAYOFFS there are store fronts at the arena parking garage that have never have had any occupancy but the City of Stockton will pay all this high dollar money for someone with questionable morals and pay him even more money if they get rid of him. I’m sure they could have found someone who is qualified for the job with much less money to do this job

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