Owner of Stocklandia Vows to Sue City of Stockton/Police Department Over Conspiracy to Discriminate

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Owner of Stocklandia Vows to Sue City of Stockton/Police Department Over Conspiracy to Discriminate

Yesterday 209 Times released excerpts of a secret document that proved Veronica Martinez’s suspicion: City Manager Harry Black conspired with former police chief Eric Jones to discriminate, harass, intimidate, and shut down their Stocklandia food truck court business.

Martinez has released the following statement:

“First of all thank you for being a supporter to our business from day one and for bringing this evidence of injustice to light. Stocklandia will pursue legal action against City Manager Harry Black, Stockton PD and the City of Stockton for violation of civil rights , harassment, misuse of power and all other forms of criminal violations bestowed upon our business.”

That document shown here, proves that Harry Black forced Chief Jones to violate his oath as a police officer and use the police department and officers to “apply pressure” to Stocklandia, which eventually did shut down and go out of business despite being a popular food destination in Stockton.

When asked by the investigator why Harry was so obsessed with shutting down Stocktonia, Jones himself admitted that Harry “hated her as a person…because of her gender”.

Despite this apparent violation of civil rights and unlawful discrimination, Jones proceeded to direct his subordinate police officers including Katherine Nance, to begin a campaign of harassment against the businesses that relied on the food truck court to the point it went out of business.

In one instance Jones details Harry Black ruining his Hawaii vacation by blowing up his phone to berate him about how one of his police officers failed to stop Stocklandia from receiving a lawful business permit from the City Planning Commission. That officer spoke in favor of Stocklandia at the meeting, causing Black to be livid with Jones, which leads one to believe that Black expected Jones to have his sworn officer lie in order to deny them a permit.

Jones has since retired to work as a “law enforcement consultant” in Sacramento. Nance is now the police chief for Reno, Nevada. And Harry Black is still City Manager of Stockton.

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