Planned Protest In Oakdale Sets Off Slew Of Violent Racist Threats

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OAKDALE- A peaceful demonstration is planned for Wednesday June 3rd, in a small country town east of Manteca to show solidarity with the movement sweeping the nation and around the globe about policing in America. The protest which have spread to every major city in America and beyond have taken place every day since last week when a man in handcuffs, George Floyd, was murdered on film in public as several Minneapolis, Minnesota police officers rested their knees on his back and neck for over 8 minutes as he begged for his life.

Those protests have come to Stockton, which is no stranger to corrupt police and protests in recent years that have caused streets to be closed down and city council meetings interrupted as the city’s first black mayor Michael Tubbs used riot police to brutally remove black mothers of men killed by police.

But the protests that have occurred in Stockton, Manteca, Modesto (other than police attacking citizens and some water bottles thrown at officers on horseback) and Tracy since last weekend have all remained peaceful with several hundreds in attendance.

In some cities like Stockton and Modesto are their are open and legitimate grievances to address. But for the most part the other cities are doing so to show solidarity with a national movement. And that’s where Oakdale organizers come in. However, there are also those who are displaying the very racists hatred protestors seek to address, fueling the national protests to begin with:

These messages were openly posted to a Facebook group called Everything Oakdale (California). This is America. This is the Central Valley.

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  1. It is unbelievable the way all the people are acting toward our fellow man and woman. Almost all the people in the Modesto area are peaceful people. It is the paid out of towners that come to cause trouble and stir up shit. I think what happened to George Floyd was totally wrong and everybody should be pissed off . But riots , looting , burning buildings and hurting and killing others is not the answer. Voting the right people into office that is willing to make the difference is a start. Not the ones that are like the ones that we have now that want power and money and dont give a shit about the people of this state and country . This is what these people want is to divide us so they can do what they want while we fight each other dont let them get away with it. WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY need to unite and not be divided.

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