Protest Turns Violent In Oakdale

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OAKDALE- Police have taken a person into custody as the situation escalates. A man on the side wall is seen exchanging words with a passenger in a car as he runs up in full view of multiple police officers and throws a punch at the passenger. More details to come as they become available.

Earlier this week members of an Oakdale Facebook group were openly making racially motivated violent threats.

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  1. Tyler Bell isn’t from Oakdale. He is from Waterford and is known to come here to start trouble with anyone and everyone He is not a representation of our community. He has been arrested in town for causing problems.

    1. Yep… tyler has a history of being a loud mouthed piece of shit. One of these days hell get what’s coming to him. A good old fashioned ass whooping.

  2. I wouldn’t protest in Oakdale, period. I don’t want them here in Tracy, Ca, we are Central Valley farmers who produces your crops, we just want to keep our communities safe and our children safe from these idiot rioters who are vandalizing small ma & pa business and banks and restaurant. Leave our small towns alone, we don’t want trouble. Our police officers are good and do their jobs here and Oakdale, Turlock and Riverbank. Thank you.

    1. Well sorry to say people have their right to have peaceful protests and if people like “Tyler Bell” is causing all this hate and problems in oak dale then he and people like him are to blame. Oakldale isn’t the most welcoming town for Hispanics and Black folk. So stop making it seem like the town has no problems as is. You are a part of the problem.

    2. It’s not about you, your small community, or small business. We won’t stop protesting to make you more comfortable and to prove that you have good police in your county…the protest is not even about the “good police”. So if you really don’t want any trouble than you would get it together and become informed about how to support Black Lives Matter. There should be a protest in Oakdale just for this reason right here ! Obviously the protestor is not the problem, materialistic & entitled people like you, the system, and this ignorant abuser is the problem. Self- reflect Diana.

  3. Tyler Bell and his family live in my community. It’s in Waterford, Riverpointe community. BTW (Riverpointe community has a Facebook page) I’ve had it out with him before about his erratic driving and behavior in my community. I’m a Hispanic male and have a Hispanic son who live here around him. I’m disgusted by his post as I have been disgusted by him before. He deserves to be outted. People like him are the reason that we have issues like this in the first place. Please make sure we keep his racism posted so we can show the world who he is. Thank you!

  4. Not at all how it happened. The “protesters were the agrresive ones. Yelling kill him, and saying that Oakdale was their town now, ect. Banging on salon windows and such. It started out peaceful, until the instigators started spitting in people’s faces and throwing eggs and bottles at the elderly. You might want to write this article a little better. Fake.

  5. Thing is all these screenshots circulating of my brother’s 1 comment had nothing to do with the protests or Oakdale. You guys are pathetic spreading fake information. Did he type that? Yes. Was it directed towards Oakdale protest? No. Was it wrong in which he typed? Absolutely. Are you guys taking it and blowing it wayyyy out of context? Absolutely.

    What you dont know is, he was stating if a mob tried to endanger his life on these freeways, like San Jose, being blocked and rioted, he would run them over. point blank. I would too and many others will agree. We will not become victim’s for traveling down our road ways. Your life or mine, I’m fighting for mine.

    He should of chose better wording for his thoughts. He knows dam well we have friends that are different races.

    If you knew him and who he really is you you wouldn’t be spreading this sheep shit.

    But y’all go on do your thing. You guys got it all figured out.

    1. Joel, you are a sick and demented person for defending Tyler’s atrocious and hateful words. But at least everyone can now see YOU are a racist also. Congratulations on outting yourself as an ignorant, hateful person. And don’t bother deleting your disgusting comment. I have screenshots. It will live on FOREVER.

      1. Amy, you have no clue, get off your power trip I ain’t deleting NOTHING! Just for clarification I’m not racist at all I get along with all ethnicities. Screenshot that, keep it FOREVER.

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